Right from their start in August 2017, Damsel and Distress hit the ground running. Touring immediately, the Nashville-based rock group has become like the high-energy and seasoned bands they draw influence from. They don’t just play—they perform. After securing an opening slot for prolific guitarist and singer-songwriter Zane Carney in the Fall of 2018, the band met producer Trinidad Sanchez III and immediately began forging the sound present in the recent release of their debut single, "Not Your Type", in February 2019.

Alisha Lynn’s strong and clear vocals cut through the gritty and powerful strength of the band, while their songwriting remains both emotionally vulnerable and direct. The future for Damsel and Distress has no walls—their music fills space and moves those witness to it. With no plans of slowing down, this female-fronted rock force aims to be a heavy presence in 2019.